Airigami, at 510 State St., was founded in 2016 as an innovative content creation space. Larry Moss, founder and creative director, is known for being a visionary “full of hot air.” He’s merged these two qualities — along with his background in entertainment, applied math and elementary education — to use balloons to foster a community-building art experience.  

Airigami is designed to blend art, design, storytelling and fun. Inside is a 20-foot cyclorama, which is a useful tool for creative photography and filming. The space was the brainchild of  Moss and Artistic Director Kelly Cheatle’s desire to collaborate on community projects. 

Cheatle is a materials and process maven. She is an expert at “elegantly loud” design, and her artwork varies in scale from multi-story installations to tiny sculptures that can sit on a penny. 

Like most businesses, Airigami quickly pivoted when COVID-19 swept the community. From the pivot came the Antisocial Art Show, designed to encourage citizens to use the materials at their disposal to make art, despite the need to be physically separated. 

Airigami also began an initiative to provide no-touch lawn deliveries for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries around Rochester — an innovative way to keep in touch with the community during the pandemic.  

Part of the MADE ON STATE campus, Airigami is its own studio, but collaboration is of chief importance to the space. MADE ON STATE comprises multiple working artist studios and creative businesses. Airigami partnered with Webster Properties to bring its creative playground office space vision to life. 

Property Details
Name of the Place
510 State St, Rochester, NY 14608
(585) 486-9800