Solera and Cheshire

Located at 647 South Ave., Solera and Cheshire double down and deliver on the upscale wine bar/creative cocktail bar vibe.

Throughout both spaces, the 1880s architecture adds quiet elegance to the ambience. Both bars were designed and created by John and Evvy Fanning.

A steadfast South Avenue spot since 2006, Solera was Rochester’s first wine bar; it has continued to flourish with its focus on small, family-owned wineries from around the world. The small bar area is surrounded by just a handful of tables, creating a sense of intimacy.

Flirting with a speakeasy vibe, Cheshire came on the scene in 2011 as a study in mixology. This sort-of secret bar—there’s no sign outside and it’s accessible only through a back staircase in Solera—serves up classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned and Mint Julep as well as some original creations in another small, intimate venue.

A bit of Cheshire’s cachet can be found in the Black Walnut Toronto cocktail, made with rye, orange and walnut bitters—and Riga Black Balsam.

The Riga is a Latvian herbal liqueur available at exactly two bars in the United States. Slip upstairs for one and enjoy feeling exclusive.

Property Details
Name of the Place
Solera and Cheshire
647 South Ave, Rochester, NY 14620
(585) 232-3070