Geva Theatre Center

A cornerstone of the Washington Square neighborhood, Geva Theatre Center brings big-city performances to life in an intimate theater setting. This vital and vibrant component of Rochester’s culture was founded in 1972 and made its home at 75 Woodbury Boulevard in 1982. The historic building, designed by architect Andrew J. Warner in 1868, was renovated to fit Geva’s vision of a community-focused, nonprofit professional theater.

Geva boasts two separate stages: the Elaine P. Wilson Stage, where the holiday classic “A Christmas Carol” has been performed for roughly 25 years, and the Ron & Donna Field Stage, where contemporary pieces are explored. The lounge and bar area provide a gathering space for patrons to discuss what they’ve witnessed over a beverage or two.

Some 336 play readings have taken place since Geva’s inception, with more than 5,636 actors, directors, designers and stage managers helping to bring them all to life. Notables such as Kathy Bates, Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Downey Jr. have performed on the Geva stage.

Currently led by Artistic Director Mark Cuddy and Executive Director Christopher Mannelli,

Geva regularly collaborates with other local organizations to offer educational programs and projects that support the arts.

Property Details
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Geva Theatre Center
75 Woodbury Blvd, Rochester, NY 14607
(585) 232-4382