Springdale Farm

At first glance, Springdale Farm may look like your regular dairy farm. But a closer look reveals much more than you’d expect.

The farm, located in Northampton Park in Ogden has been owned by Monroe County since the 1960s and run by Heritage Christian Services since 1993.

Everything is run through the farm’s Visitors Center, built by Testa Construction, which is where people can figure out where to visit on the grounds, including the playground and picnic pavilion.

Heritage Christian offers two different two-day programs for people with developmental disabilities. Those programs include a demonstration farm, where children can see the day-to-day business of farming performed right in front of them.

Other programs include volunteers for the petting zoo on the grounds, cutting carrots for animal rescue and delivering meals to elderly neighbors.

The farm is active year-round – official estimates put it at around 40,000 visitors per year – and there’s plenty to offer beyond the standard farm tour and Heritage’s program.

There are tours for schools, dairy tours for families, a robotic milking barn, nature trails and a pond to enjoy.

The site remains an active option for corporate renters and community festivals, along with an annual children’s camp for those between the ages of 7 and 9.

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Springdale Farm
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