Village Gate

Downtown residents have frequented Village Gate Square for decades. The old lithographic factory complex on N. Goodman St. was bought by Stern Properties in 1981, and was turned into an indoor mixed-use mall with small shops and restaurants.

As befitting a complex that’s been around for almost four decades, the site has changed quite a bit over the years. Retailers and restaurants have come and gone, but the site’s funky style still remains.

These days local murals and other artwork are joined by the popular Gate House at Village Gate restaurant, which offers gourmet burgers and wood-fired pizza, among other dishes.

Gate House’s owners recently moved the restaurant to a larger location onsite, opening the way for Polizzi’s to take its spot earlier this year. Its casual fine dining that offers Mediterranean, Italian and American cuisine.

If food’s not your thing, then the collection of retailers could be more your speed.

Perhaps venerable Yankee Clipper to scratch that collecting itch? Maybe a visit to The Purple Painted Lady to embrace your inner artist? Hana Pilates & Bodyworks to work off lunch? Mood Makers Books to browse their library?

Odds are there’s something of interest to you. Why not find out?

Property Details
Name of the Place
Village Gate
274 Goodman St N, Rochester, NY 14607
(585) 442-9061