Wilder Room

The newest selection on our list is actually an old city favorite recently restored to its former glory.

For society members in the latter half of the 19th and early 20th century, the local hotspot of the day was the Rochester Club on East Avenue.

Built in 1860, the Club was intended as a space for local industrialists to unwind away from the troubles of the day. According to local historians, it was the first such group in the city’s history.

But as economic troubles appeared in the latter half of the 20th century, the Club’s membership slowly dwindled. In 1979, the club was disbanded and the building sold off.

It became known as the Rochester Ballroom, and remained an active event venue.

The building, renamed after former Mayor Abel Carter Wilder, underwent a major renovation that was completed in time to host Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival events in June.

When completed, the building’s 2,660-square-foot ballroom once again sported a barrel vaulted ceiling, four crystal chandeliers originally installed in 1905 and windows overlooking Barrett Alley.

Along with being a venue for the Jazz Festival, the Wilder Room is now open for weddings, private celebrations, meetings, conferences and other community events.

Property Details
Name of the Place
Wilder Room
120 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14604