Special Report

Mar 24, 2000

Tight office market puts squeeze on small firms

Many small companies start in the owner’s garage or basement, but as the business outgrows its residential setting, the hunt for commercial office space begins. Finding affordable office space for a small but burgeoning business can be a daunting task. “(It’s) easy to find space-just not what you’re looking for,” says Laurence Glazer, CEO of […]

Mar 24, 2000

Downtown at a crossroads

Over the past several years, redeveloped office space, entertainment venues and restaurants have begun to change the face of three key downtown areas: the High Falls District, the Cascade District and the East End. Major new development projects in each of these districts are nearing completion. The High Falls Building, Knowlton Building and Chevy Place-an […]

Mar 24, 2000

In the Works

Owner: Wilmorite Inc. Location: 1265 Scottsville Road Project information: St. Joseph’s Garage-A 1,025 car, 327,000 square-foot parking garage with 55,000 square feet of ongrade parking (six levels, five stories), a precast concrete facade, a split face brick and block stair tower and a 120-foot-long pedestrian bridge connecting the garage to the existing Sibley Building Cost: […]

Mar 17, 2000

Employee satisfaction,customer service linked

“Customer service will become the primary value-added function in every business.” -Bill Gates Most businesses talk about customer satisfaction but don’t actually walk the walk. If organizations really want to provide outstanding customer service, they should concentrate on employee commitment to the effort, the secret ingredient that often is overlooked. Succ[...]

Mar 17, 2000

Software helps firms manage staffers’ skills

A project manager wants to build a team for a new product application. He assembles a group consisting of employees he has worked with and a few new hires. The team members may or may not have the right combination of skills for the job. In order to grapple with such challenges, some companies are […]

Mar 17, 2000

Safety measures can reduce risk

Even though workers kill approximately 100 supervisors a year, violence by employees accounts for a relatively small portion of the national total, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Most workplace murders-71 percent-are committed in robbery attempts. NIOSH research also shows that more than half of workplace murders and 85 percent of […]

Mar 17, 2000

Signs of trouble often ignored

Security experts say cases of violence at work rarely occur without warning, and contributing factors may be noticed both in individuals and the organization itself. Unfortunately, the signs often go unnoticed or ignored until it is too late, says Robert Goldfinger, a principal of Work-Safe Solutions LLP. He recommends that managers be constantly involved with […]

Mar 17, 2000

When employees snap

In an average week, 18,000 workers will be assaulted on the job. Twenty of them will be killed, making violence on the job second only to motor vehicle accidents as a workplace killer. Nonfatal assaults annually cost employees more than 876,000 in lost work days, and nearly 1 in 10 of the incidents is caused […]

Mar 10, 2000

Web resources

Web resources Both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (www.epa.gov/ superfund) and the state Department of Environmental Conservation (www.dec.state.ny.us) outline the law and developments regarding the Superfund and other commercial regulations. For the state site, use the Environmental Protection links off the home page. 3/10/00–Rochester Business Journal

Mar 10, 2000

Environmental debate afoot over funding plan

A plan is afoot in the governor’s budget proposal to use increased business fees to replenish the state coffers funding remediation of contaminated sites, a move some say is necessary to keep the program solvent and others say will hurt small businesses. Gov. George Pataki’s proposal calls for $30 million in new fees to be […]

Mar 10, 2000

The path to compliance

When is clean, clean enough? Will the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation relax their requirements for remediation of environmental concerns over the next decade? What are some of the new case law developments that fall under the Superfund act, and what implications do they have for businesses as they […]

Mar 3, 2000

Home Work

It’s more than just working at home whenever you feel like it in your underwear and bunny slippers. Businesses, large and small, national and local, are turning to telecommuting as a way to solve many of their human resources dilemmas. A business has to be flexible to keep employees, says Maureen Alston, a partner at […]