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Printers meet increased demand
with machines, not new hires

“I’d have to say things were kind of slow for the first part of 1994, but in the last few months it’s really picked up,” Hammer says. Hammer expects demand to keep growing at least through 1996, and says he ...

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Competition, new technology
transform telecom market

What is silently going on around us is the transformation of existing networks and networkers in subtle ways that are going to change the way we interact. Providers are changing who they are and what they offer–not only technology and ...

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“Native guide”
helps search Net

The question is posed by Jon Schull, a professional “internaut” and self-described native guide into the Internet. As Schull envisions it, Rochester’s considerable intellectual know-how and high-tech employment base could be attracting untold riches from exposure online. “Rochester is one ...

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Internet’s appeal
to business grows

For Rochester businesses, the term “online” takes on a broader context. To some, it means a Big Three account, or access to a business-oriented network like Reuters Money Network or networkMCI Business. To a small but growing number, it can ...

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Big companies fuel demand for contract software

Nationally, software companies concentrate mainly on applications for the consumer and business markets, says Thomas Myers, president of Interactive Television Associates in Chili. But in Rochester, custom software dominates. That is because many manufacturers need “enabling technologies”–software that allows high-tech ...

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MIS comes of age as corporate decentralization tool

Fingertips stained carbon-paper blue, they lugged ponderous price books, reams of reports and memos and notebooks and aspirin. They filled out hand-written, six-part carbon customer orders, shipped them off to a central processing office, waited and hoped they made no ...

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