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Gleaning inspiration from urban developments in smaller cities (access required)

In college, I remember a professor telling a studio full of aspiring architects that traveling was an essential part of being an architect. The reason being, she stated, was that it contributed to a designer’s collective experience of places, a mental catalogue of sorts. Of ...

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Construction industry struggles with growing labor shortage (access required)

Finding workers to fill construction jobs was tough enough before the pandemic, but since then, it has only gotten harder, according to Anthony Soprano, vice president of preconstruction services at DiMarco Constructors.   “It went from a tough situation to a bad situation,” he says.   The lack of ...

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Increase in material costs affecting local construction projects (access required)

An increase in the price of building materials is having an impact on local construction and development projects, but the price hikes are not stopping work from getting done.   Peter Muench, vice president of preconstruction services at LeChase Construction Services LLC, says the situation requires the firm to ...

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Tips for evaluating retirement readiness (access required)

A successful retirement is the main financial priority for many people. Because retirement can last upwards of 30 years and coupled with all the variables that go into determining potential success or failure, it is often the most difficult financial ...

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Time a vital factor in retirement planning (access required)

The ideal time to do a formal retirement plan is five to 10 years before your anticipated retirement, says Brennan Redmond, first vice president and financial advisor at Sage Rutty and Co.  “If you don’t have a retirement plan by the time you’re five years out ...

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Financial planning today requires agility, open communication with advisors (access required)

Flexibility is key when it comes to one’s retirement income options, says Maureen Pilato, vice president and senior financial advisor at High Probability Advisors LLC, an affiliate of The Bonadio Group.   “Don’t get too tied to one strategy,” Pilato ...

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