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Elizabeth Brauer:
Links that foster science education

Standing amid blue plastic tubs filled with empty glass jars, Elizabeth Brauer pulls a twisted coat hanger from a nearby shelf and balances it on her head. In demonstrating the center of gravity, Brauer’s goofy enthusiasm is infectious. Coat hangers, ...

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Profile Close-up

ELIZABETH BRAUER Position: Coordinator, Science Linkages in the Community Age: 50 Education: Doctorate in zoology, University of Wisconsin Avocation: Beekeeping Quote: “One of the reasons I am who I am is contact with the natural world early on. When I ...

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Harry Trueheart: Making his practice the business of law

Every year, phones start to ring in the offices of America’s top 100 or so law firms in America. Reporters for American Lawyer magazine dial partner after partner, seeking details of firm finances and partners’ compensation. Partners are those who ...

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Anthony Wilson: Still willing to gamble after all these years

Wilson, a millionaire real estate developer cum restaurateur cum hotelier, and now a retailer, is a sort of anti-George Eastman, an exception that proves the rule of the staid, careful Eastman spirit that is seen as the Rochester norm. Since ...

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Roy Myers: A growing experience at Curtice Burns

Myers, an executive vice president with Curtice Burns and Pro-Fac’s general manager, ended up fighting for Pro-Fac and the growers against Curtice Burns, led by President and CEO William Petty. During this period, Myers endured more than lengthy and difficult ...

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Raymond Hutch: Practicing
management by doing

That was an easy feat 24 years ago, when Western New York Computing Systems Inc. was a one-man show. Today, with 120 workers, birthday lunches eat up quite a bit more of Hutch’s time. Those extra calories pose no problem ...

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