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Leading firm they played in as boys

As youngsters, Robert Cherry and Sheldon Shear spent their weekends playing hide-and-seek amid cartons of paper in their fathers’ warehouse. They sometimes helped out by sweeping floors or sealing envelopes, and eventually they learned to drive trucks and make deliveries. ...

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Moving Ontario County forward

Ontario County Administrator John Garvey has a list of projects hung up on the back of his office door. The projects remain on the list when they are completed, but with a check mark to indicate their status. He keeps ...

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Teamwork is his road to success


Kevin Bush, third from right, and his team must keep 4,700 miles of roads functioning year-round. (Photo by Kimberly McKinzie) When most people see a major storm coming they cringe or run and hide. But Kevin Bush is not most ...

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All he needed was an opportunity


Michael Young, who launched A.E.Y. Enterprises Inc. at age 21, credits his success to hard work and perseverance

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CEO builds the non-profit’s future


Matthew Flanigan is planning a little detour on the way to visit family in North Carolina. The executive director and CEO of Flower City Habitat for Humanity Inc. is paying a visit to the national organization’s branch in Charlotte, N.C.—one ...

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