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Carrying on his father’s dream

It took a dreamer, a century-old estate and serendipitous timing to start a transformation in Ontario County. The dreamer was Norbert H. Schickel Jr., the estate was Geneva on the Lake and the timing was the summer of 1977. Schickel’s ...

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Bank chief is up for the challenge

Anyone arriving in the corner office of James Barger stops short at the view from the 17th floor of Legacy Tower. A 3-D panorama of the south and west side of the city stretches below, with the sun glinting off ...

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Craig Lewis last year purchased Lewis General Tire Inc. from his father


(Photo by Kimberly McKinzie) Craig Lewis was told as a youngster that he would never work in his father’s business. “You’re never going to work in the tire store. It gets complicated with families,” Lewis recalls his father saying. But ...

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Longtime dancer moves to lead


Karen Brown is the new executive director of Garth Fagan Dance. (Kimberly McKinzie) Karen Brown was raised to believe she could be anything she wanted to be as long as she worked hard enough to earn it. For a black ...

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His job now is raising the bar


Kevin Ryan wonders: What do millennials want? For Ryan, the question is more finely tuned. He wants to know what millennial lawyers want and what if anything the Monroe County Bar Association needs to do to keep and attract them ...

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Building on family firm’s legacy


(Photo by Kimberly McKinzie)   John DiMarco II is not one for a lot of back-and-forth on email. He prefers, instead, to have in-person contact. “When you’re reading something, it’s open to interpretation,” he says. “When you’re speaking to someone ...

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