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Innex builds future in ceramics (access required)

President and CEO of Innex Tom Blaszczykiewicz.

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Gates sits Innex Innovative Industries, a modest machine shop entering its seventh year in Rochester, employing just under 50 employees. Yet, behind the scenes of the understated storefront, big things are happening. Kilns fire and ...

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Changing physical therapy


When a good idea comes along, Brian Reh has no problem saying “let’s do this,” even if it means years of research and, ultimately, the creation of a new company division. That is exactly how his company’s SafeGait 360 Balance and Mobility Trainer came to be. “One of our marketing analysts came in my office and she said ‘I’ve got a business idea.’ She had a daughter who had a brain injury in a motorcycle accident and went through gait therapy, so learning to walk again,” said Gorbel Inc.’s president and CEO. “There was this gait belt and three physical therapists and a wheelchair. (She was) scared to death she was going to fall on her face.”

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United Way developing minority leaders (access required)

The 2017 graduates from the United Way of Greater Rochester’s African American Leadership Development Program. (Alex Shukoff)

When Julian Smith enrolled in the United Way of Greater Rochester’s African American Leadership Development Program, or AALDP, his goal was to have a better understanding of Rochester, while exploring opportunities to contribute and make his community a better one. ...

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Legacy’s trainer-in-chief (access required)

Outwardly, little has changed in the 90 days since Watermark Retirement Communities acquired Rochester’s Legacy senior living facilities from Mark IV Enterprises Inc. “We simply inherited and are honoring all of the residency agreements, so from a residency perspective nothing’s ...

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Genesee’s Brewery of the Future (access required)

Genesee's new fermentation vessels.

Inside the Genesee brewhouse, the warm scent of cereal grain rises in the air as automated machinery moans and groans, endlessly churning the sugary mash in massive, shining vessels, their stainless steel yet to be marred by a single scratch ...

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Anti-poverty group in for the long haul (access required)

Nearly 30,000 part-time workers in the Rochester region are living in poverty. One third of the city’s part-time and seasonal workers live in poverty, and 62 percent do not make self-sufficient wages. “These are people who are working but they’re ...

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Architects’ group stresses collaboration (access required)

If you’re of a certain generation, you may recall television’s Mike Brady reluctantly sitting at his drafting table drawing up a powder-puff shaped office building for a wealthy, female client. The Brady Bunch architect was loath to deviate from accepted ...

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RBJ shifts to digital first

The Rochester Business Journal is taking another exciting step forward in its digital transformation today: We are now a digital-first operation. The weekly print publication will continue to be packed with robust local business news, as it has been for ...

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