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Managing a firm’s reputation when it counts

Anticipation, preparation and practice are critical to successfully managing any crisis. The greatest risk an organization faces is ignoring the inevitable.

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The rising cost of college: What can be done?

At a time of increasing national concern about the affordability of a college education, it is incumbent upon colleges to take action along the above lines to reduce costs.

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Do commentators fill a void, or create one?

One thing you may have noticed about the world in which we now live is that there are more commentators today than ever before in history. In the old days, that job title carried with it an aura of influence ...

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Gas prices won’t keep me from Veranda Beach

With the approach of the traditional summer travel period, I can’t help but wonder how many vacationers will be booking a reservation at that once-popular resort known as Veranda Beach. In other words, will they choose to stay home?   ...

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New act will increase administrative burdens

An unfortunate consequence of the Wage Theft Prevention Act is that it will add to the heavy burden of well-meaning employers while creating yet another opportunity for expensive class-action litigation, which predominantly benefits attorneys

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