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Independent workers need payment protection

Before Eastman Kodak Co.’s bankruptcy filing, thousands of men and women throughout the region gave much of their working lives to the company, including me. For many generations of Rochester families, working for Kodak was a way to earn a ...

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Sticky Lips owner blames everyone but himself

Howard Nielsen, the owner of Sticky Lips BBQ, has made a lot of accusations in the past several weeks. He has accused my organization of intimidation and state government of corruption. I can no longer let those accusations go unanswered. ...

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Proposed lease accounting changes loom large

For more than two years, the two major accounting standards boards, the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board, have been working together to rewrite the rules for real estate and equipment lease accounting in the United ...

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For small firms, the list of tax breaks is growing

As regional administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, I travel throughout New York and meet with small-business owners. Recently, I heard from a few local owners who took advantage of a tax cut. Unfortunately, not all small businesses are ...

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The Osoyoos’ lesson for us all on job creation

Individuals of all races, ethnicities and genders and have the innate and most potent capacity to create meaningful jobs and promote the wealth of nations.

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