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Sustainability or resilience: which should we seek?

The resilience approach to management is not a panacea, and there is the danger that like the notion of sustainability, it will come to mean whatever one wants it to mean.

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Affordable health insurance for N.Y.’s small firms

By making the health insurance market work better for New York's small businesses, the law is letting them focus on what they do best: delivering great products and services, creating jobs and growing our economy.

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Are MOOCs the future of U.S. higher education?

Massive open online courses-MOOCs-are quite the rage today. Using examples such as the replacement of cassette tapes by compact discs, typewriters by word processors and presentations with overhead projectors by PowerPoint presentations, proponents have contended that MOOCs are about to ...

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There’s just one place where this is a dirty word

I wish I could remember with any certainty when I first heard and understood the word "compromise." It could well have been at the schoolyard, where baseball was played each day until dusk throughout the summer.   The bases were ...

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For leaders, transparent conversations take courage

Corporate leaders walk a tightrope between transparency and secrecy. We can’t recklessly talk about everything we know. At the same time, open conversations help fix issues before bad news turns into a full-blown crisis.   Recent examples show the dangers ...

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As DoD cuts loom, suppliers must add expertise

Supply-chain vendors that can provide more technical, administrative and logistical support for defense procurement may find their services in greater demand.

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