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Can global warming be meaningfully reduced by taxing cow burps? (access required)

Amit Batabyal

It is now well known that the phenomenon of global warming—also called climate change—is caused significantly by the emissions of the so-called greenhouse gases. The principal culprit here is carbon dioxide which is emitted into the atmosphere from the combustion ...

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Marketing actions that work in inflationary times – Guest Opinion (access required)

The recent upsurge in the cost of goods and services, owing to the recent inflation, has imposed pressure on businesses to increase the pricing of their offerings. Although this may appear as an obvious solution, in the current economic climate ...

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More than ever, leadership matters (access required)

While opinions vary about the type of change needed in our world, most agree that there’s a need for change. Significant change. And Rochester isn’t immune. Businesses here are challenged by supply chain hurdles, tight labor markets and economic uncertainty. ...

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The brain drain is back (access required)

Organizations in central and western New York are at an unfair competitive disadvantage. They will continue to find their experienced staff depleted and be forced to compete by raising prices, downsizing or selling out.

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Good paying jobs will reduce violence (access required)

This new year we must be intentional about treating economic development as an investment in public safety. I support tax incentives to bring new jobs to our state, but these employers must also ensure that the promised jobs are accessible to those families that need them most. Ribbon cuttings and photo-ops are not enough. We need specific strategies to remove hiring barriers by thinking about transportation, childcare, and workforce training as part of the job creation formula.

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Supporting LGBTQ+ students in a dangerous national context (access required)

When students go to school, what are they actually doing? On the one hand, they’re acquiring. They’re acquiring the knowledge associated with the academic disciplines, from English and History to STEM, the arts, languages, etc. The way we talk about ...

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Guest opinion: Rochester primed to build industry cluster in semiconductor chip packaging (access required)

New York has been making a strategic push to expand semiconductor manufacturing in the state for decades. It’s an economic priority that continues to grow stronger.

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Guest Opinion: Communicate your value for sales success (access required)

“A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing” Irish playwright Oscar Wilde wrote that line in 1892 for Lord Darlington in Lady Windermere’s Fan. Internationally acclaimed speaker, coach, author and friend, Leo ...

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How to make me NOT vote for you: A public service message for candidates (access required)

vote button

Here we go again. The election cycle is starting and we’re going to be subjected to another round of stories, press releases, advertising and phone calls. I vote independently. I am not a Republican, Democrat, conservative or liberal. I believe ...

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