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After laying another post-season egg, Bills have plenty of work to do

You would have expected the Bills to be sky high, fueled by a raucous home crowd and the presence of safety Damar Hamlin in the stadium just 20 days after he almost died of cardiac arrest. But adrenaline can carry you only so far. It seemed to me the cumulative impact of a tumultuous season punctuated by Hamlin’s near-fatal tackle, a deadly winter storm that forced the Bills to play three games in 12 days, and a rash of injuries had taken its toll.

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We’re all hoping Damar Hamlin makes a miraculous recovery

At this point, I could give a rat’s fanny about the rescheduling of this game or playoff implications. At this point, all I care about is the well-being of a 24-year-old man who should have the best years of his life in front of him. Difficult situations like this one provide a stadium-full of perspective. We are reminded this is someone’s son, someone’s brother, someone’s friend — a human being, not just some number on a football depth chart.

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Roosevelt Bouie remembers a dear friend who helped him make Syracuse hoops history        

In discussions about Syracuse basketball lore, it’s impossible to talk about one man and not the other. Bouie, the 6-foot-11, shot-blocking, rebound-grabbing, rim-rattling dunking center from tiny Kendall, and Orr, the pencil-thin, you-best-not-take-me-for-granted forward from Cincinnati, played significant roles launching Jim Boeheim’s Hall of Fame coaching career and aiding SU’s emergence as a national basketball program.

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An Aquinas graduate finds relevance in Brock Purdy’s underdog success story

Kevin McMahan hasn’t watched much football since being released by the Carolina Panthers just before the 2009 season kicked off. And that’s understandable considering the former Aquinas Institute three-sport star had “kind of soured on professional football” after his dogged, three-year attempt to make an NFL roster failed.

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Buffalo Bills, Syracuse Orange have football fans jumping for joy

As we learned again Sunday in Kansas City, no hurdle appears too high for Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills. In a rematch of the two best quarterbacks on the planet, Air Allen leaped over yet another would-be tackler on ...

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To watch Josh Allen play football is to witness athletic greatness

Sunday afternoon, for the first time in five years, I was back at Highmark Stadium chronicling a Buffalo Bills game, which meant this was the first time I’d seen Josh Allen perform in person. The Right Arm from God didn’t disappoint.

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