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An office move can put
a firm’s spirit to the test

Last month we moved our offices one floor down and one building over. We thought the move would be a snap, but we were wrong. It was complicated, messy and tiring. My staff and I, engaged in the entrepreneurial struggle, ...

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New re-employment measure
enhances veterans’ rights

Operation Desert Storm, during the 1991 Persian Gulf War, gave many Americans a first-time view via television of the U.S. military’s advanced battlefield technology. It also brought to light what many in Congress considered to be a piece of archaic ...

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GOP’s Contract With America will strengthen country

The Republican takeover of Congress and the implementation of the Contract With America bodes well for investors, for business and for all Americans. A majority of Americans gave control of both the House and the Senate to Republicans because voters ...

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The Loop

New Frontiers in Cooking Dave Rusin doesn’t save his sizzle just for telecom rivals. This week, the president of Frontier Communications of Rochester cooked up spicy fare for Farr Photography’s Fat Tuesday fete, a feast hosted by Rusin’s wife, Lori ...

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