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New stimulus package provides further assistance to individuals, businesses (access required)

John Rizzo

As millions of Americans continue to struggle from the financial impact of COVID-19, Congress approved — and President Joseph Biden signed — an additional $1.9 trillion in funding for individuals and businesses. The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 follows ...

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Reopening the economy should be dictated by businesses and consumers (access required)


At the beginning of the pandemic one year ago, there was a swift, government shutdown of the economy. Today, one year later, reopening has begun, but the process will be quite different. It will most certainly not be mandatory and ...

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New law will require disclosure of entity owners (access required)


The United States is one of the easiest places in the world to set up a corporation or LLC without revealing any personal identifying information of those in charge. A new federal law enacted at the end of last year ...

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Business leaders: Get ready for new union-friendly labor policies (access required)

Stephanie Caffera

“I want you to know I’m a union guy,” Joe Biden told business and labor union leaders in one of his first meetings as President-elect. “That’s not anti-business,” he explained, while making clear where he stands: “Unions are going to ...

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Reasons we should welcome conflict in the workplace (access required)


When onboarding new team members, we get to know their preferred communication style, the way they process information and where they fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum, but we don’t always ask about how they approach conflict. I would guess many ...

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Unpacking the GameStop short squeeze (access required)


Market watchers have been consumed by the extraordinary volatility in shares prices of certain public companies that were traded aggressively earlier this year, driving prices to unprecedented levels — at least temporarily. GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) quickly became a central ...

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How to practice humility while praising your team’s accomplishments (access required)


“I recently accepted a position as a team lead and have been gradually getting into my new responsibilities. So far, I have been surprised in meetings — how people seem to brag about what they’re doing, to the point where ...

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Understanding a short squeeze (access required)

Stephen A. Rossi

If someone were to ask you what a short squeeze was, you might be tempted to describe it as a hug or a brief embrace usually associated with a greeting or a goodbye. In the investment world, however, a short ...

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Equipment and technology acquisition during economic uncertainty (access required)

Phil Muscato

Updated, efficient equipment is vital to the success of most businesses but acquiring equipment can be daunting even under the best of circumstances. Add to this a worldwide pandemic and economic uncertainty and many business leaders find themselves in unchartered ...

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How businesses can stay informed about NYS COVID-19 regulations (access required)

Amy Sennett

As New York authorities continue to closely observe each region’s infection rate to help slow the spread of COVID-19, businesses of all types are facing challenges keeping up with rapidly changing Executive Orders, state regulations and restrictions. While New York’s ...

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Navigating the pressures that accompany a post-pandemic world (access required)


“In every crisis, doubt or confusion, take the higher path – the path of compassion, courage, understanding, and love.” — Amit Ray The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world in many ways. The frustration of what constitutes the post-pandemic “new ...

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Leading to the power and promise of the digital health renaissance (access required)


We all know about the incredibly swift uptick and uptake last year of digital health, driven by necessity during the COVID pandemic shutdown. The healthcare sector, not known for rapid pivots or streamlined service, dove into adoption and effectively delivered, ...

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