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Facebook lawsuit underscores importance of transparent collection and use of data (access required)


The District of Columbia attorney general sued Facebook in December in connection with the well-publicized Cambridge Analytica scandal, alleging the company violated the District’s consumer protection statute by failing to protect user privacy. The action is the first significant state-level ...

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The energy sector:  Looking through the muddy water (access required)

Stephen A. Rossi

The energy sector is, by far, one of the most difficult sectors to understand for the typical investor.  It’s hard enough to comprehend the notions of proven reserves and spare capacity let alone the various other factors that influence demand, ...

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During volatile times, asset-based lending can help your business grow (access required)


Asset-based lending, or ABL, can be used to obtain capital for acquisitions or mergers, equipment upgrades, inventory and other opportunities. As its name suggests, it is lending secured by an asset. This could be a company’s accounts receivable, inventory and/or ...

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Navigating the Financial Markets: Part I (access required)


Falling equity markets. Rising interest rates. Geopolitical forces. These and other factors contributed to the substantial volatility in our domestic financial markets as 2018 came to a close. Navigating the markets in the year ahead may be equally, if not ...

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Clean heating/cooling technologies the right move for region (access required)

Abigail McHugh-Grifa

According to Rochester’s Climate Action Plan, over 50 percent of the city’s total greenhouse gas emissions come from the combustion of natural gas (i.e., methane). This does not include methane leaks that occur during the extraction and transmission of natural ...

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BCG report highlights a stark reality in our region (access required)


The Rochester and Finger Lakes region is currently experiencing a very exciting time of economic development and growth planning for the future. A fantastic team from the renowned Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is nearing completion of a report on recommended ...

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