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IRS finalizes rules regarding taxable income of exempt organizations (access required)


While non-profit organizations are generally exempt from tax, they are subject to a tax on their income from unrelated businesses. If a soup kitchen opens a restaurant to the public, its tax exemption doesn’t apply to the earnings. The IRS ...

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How to bring joy and satisfaction into goal setting in the workplace (access required)


We all know people who publicly achieve big personal goals, like climbing the 46 Adirondack high peaks, reading 52 books in a year or renovating a house. Many even chronicle their journeys in blogs, social media posts or news stories. ...

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Key points to consider for the year ahead (access required)


What a year it’s been for company leaders and managers, ranging from worries about the stability of business to managing the shift to remote or hybrid work, to concerns about vaccinations and the health of employees. Normal tasks like setting ...

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Bidding adieu to 2020 and projecting hope for 2021 (access required)

Stephen A. Rossi

According to writingexplained.org, the phrase “bid adieu” is used formally to say goodbye or as a light-hearted and flippant way of describing cutting something out of one’s life. Based on the disruption the COVID pandemic has caused for so many ...

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Purposeful investing in 2021 (access required)


As we begin 2021, the effects of coronavirus, which resulted in both a public health crisis and an economic crisis, continue. Although the coronavirus relief package and the development of several effective vaccines are positive developments, delivery of the vaccines ...

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The stars are aligned to install electric vehicle chargers (access required)

Mike Moser

With electric vehicle (EV) adoption at a tipping point, businesses are recognizing the opportunity to provide EV charging as a benefit to employees. Charging an electric vehicle requires a different way of fueling. It is not better or worse, it ...

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Takeaways from 2020 to take into the new year of 2021 (access required)


While many of us would love to say goodbye and good riddance to 2020 and all of its challenges, we’ve all learned a few valuable lessons during this tough year. Like resiliency, epidemiology, cutting hair, turning off the mute button ...

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Reading recommendations for the Informed Investor (access required)


Every year teaches the same lesson but this year, in particular, is a good reminder that the world is a risky place. Some risks we can anticipate and manage, others we cannot. As investors, we can better manage risk the ...

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New COVID relief bill brings assistance to businesses, individuals (access required)

Timothy Hern

The 2020 holiday season was certainly unlike any other. People were encouraged to celebrate at home without their extended families. Zoom calls replaced in-person gatherings, and many families undoubtedly cut back on gifts for children and other loved ones given ...

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A transportation company that ‘consciously’ gets you to your destination (access required)


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Renee Elwood, director of wellbeing and inclusion at Regional Transit Services (RTS). Elwood joined RTS’s People Department in 2014 to support its employee wellness and benefits programs. Prior to joining RTS, Elwood was ...

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Hospitality and tourism: Innovating to serve us better (access required)


Resilience has become the paradigm for the strategic management of crisis and disasters. When major crises and disasters occur, individuals, companies and communities seek to recover quickly and bounce back to their original states. The current pandemic is no ordinary ...

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