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Super Bowl ads mirror the current zeitgeist (access required)

Mark Stone

Super Bowl commercials are often a reflection of society at a point in time, and that was definitely the case this year. Participating brands couldn’t afford to ignore the collective cultural mood. And many used common approaches to navigate the ...

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How brands plan to navigate the Super Bowl in a year like no other (access required)

Mark Stone

2020 was a disrupter of a year, and the unpredictability will continue well into 2021. Just as every person on the planet has had to adapt, brands were also forced pivot to remain relevant when people are changing their behavior ...

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2021 economic and investment outlook: More change, more optimism (access required)


In late February 2020, headlines of a rapidly spreading, deadly new virus emerged across all media. By mid-March, the entire world had changed. That rapid change continued throughout the year due to the pandemic, along with social and political unrest. ...

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Being a ‘good guy’ is not enough to keep your company compliant (access required)


In 2001, Vincent Calarco was riding high. His hard work and business savvy had put him atop Crompton Corporation — a multinational specialty chemical manufacturing company with nearly $4 billion in annual sales. Just one year later, his Connecticut home ...

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Building, innovating talent connectivity in Greater ROC (access required)

Joseph Stefko

There’s arguably no more important element to regional economic growth than a robust talent pipeline. It’s the lifeblood of economic activity, key to sustaining expansion at thriving companies and attracting new ones. Recent work by the Brookings Institution argued that ...

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We owe it to the hardest hit to pursue recovery vigorously (access required)


Though some doubted 2020 would ever end, we are now in 2021. Last year was one of pain and suffering. Pain and suffering for families, for businesses, for our health care systems, for our economy, and for our entire community. ...

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Four ways to incorporate marketing automation in 2021 (access required)

Jake Lautner

Do your 2021 marketing plans include automatic, strategic outreach that seamlessly creates opportunity for your sales and support teams? If you are not using a marketing automation tool, you are certainly missing out of the full potential your marketing plan ...

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COVID-related paid sick leave options for employers (access required)

Kim Harding

It’s hard to believe that merely one year ago most of us had never even heard the phrase “social distancing” and the concept of quarantine was not nearly the routine measure to which we’ve become accustomed. Despite the multitude of ...

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Addressing climate change: ‘The flip side of a threat is an opportunity’

Paul Kane

The world will certainly remember 2020 for the coronavirus and its devastating impact on human lives and the world economy. But 2020 will also be remembered as a year when events driven by climate change overwhelmed our defenses. Wildfires in ...

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