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Major ruling protects sexual orientation, gender identity (access required)


Against a backdrop of calls for social and structural change in the U.S., the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) determined, notably during Pride Month, that sexual orientation and gender identity are protected under federal law. In a landmark ...

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Marketing for small businesses without breaking the bank (access required)

Isar Kiani

Small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures often face an array of challenges that they need to overcome using the limited resources that they have at their disposal. During the early stages of a business, financing, organizational setup and staffing may prove ...

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Leveraging gifts in a low interest rate environment to save on estate taxes (access required)


Interest rates are at historic lows. For taxpayers interested in estate planning, low interest rates provide an opportunity to leverage the value of gifts. Taxpayers may accordingly wish to consider making leveraged gifts now to potentially save on estate taxes ...

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Region must stay committed to handling COVID-19 the right way


We are now more than halfway through a year we would all like to forget. As challenging as COVID-19 pandemic protocols have been for business and the community at large, the Rochester and Finger Lakes region has done things the ...

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How do you make your business nimble and flexible — especially during a pandemic? (access required)

Kate Kenney

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” When the pandemic started, many companies’ first thought was how do they reduce their overhead and sustain some sense of revenue. There was ...

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Hedging market risk in a diversified investment portfolio (access required)

Stephen A. Rossi

When we speak of hedging market risk in an otherwise diversified investment portfolio, what we’re really talking about is buying something whose value goes up, when the general market (i.e. stocks) goes down. There are several ways to accomplish this, ...

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Google’s algorithm changes favor expertise in a subject (access required)


For brick-and-mortar retailers, real estate has always been a very important factor in their success. I remember learning in a college marketing course that the three most important decisions that any retail business will make are “location, location and location.” ...

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Region’s return-to-work transition means more innovation (access required)

Joseph Stefko

If you’d have asked a member of the Canandaigua Academy Class of 2020 what they’d be doing in late June, the answer would have likely included mention of a cap and a gown and walking across a stage to accept ...

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Rochester metro area strongly positioned for recovery (access required)


As state and local economies begin to reopen, attention increasingly shifts to identifying geographic areas best positioned to lead the recovery. Several analyses have been published in recent weeks, with two prominent examples produced by Bloomberg News and Moody’s Analytics. ...

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