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Why your business goals should drive marketing analytics (access required)

Jeff Commaroto

Businesses have never had as much access to data as they do today. In the age of digital marketing, a massive amount of information is collected on everyone and everything connected to the Internet. The ease and scale with which ...

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The sorry state of SU football, bumps in the road for the Bills


Wish I could tell Syracuse fans the Orange hit rock bottom with last week’s loss to a Liberty University team that seemingly joined the ranks of major college football just five minutes ago. But truth be told, things could get ...

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Does the performance of the stock market make sense? (access required)


The No. 1 question we are hearing from investors is some variation on the theme: “How can the stock market being doing so well (at least on a relative basis) when the economy is struggling and there is so much ...

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Passing the baton with confidence (access required)


Dropping our children off at college the first day of their freshman year was a bittersweet, heart-wrenching experience. Within the cocktail of emotions, one sensation overwhelmed me each time: The feeling of hanging on with clenched fists and all my ...

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How to combat ‘Zoom fatigue’ in the workplace (access required)


“Our senior leaders want us to have our teams do a six-hour online training program. I know that it’s necessary to cover this material – and doing it all at one time is the way it’s always been done — ...

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A primer on ins and outs of PPP loan forgiveness (access required)

Eric Ferrante

When Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, many businesses were excited about the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and its promise of loan forgiveness. But, as companies received PPP loans and began using the proceeds, questions ...

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Federal policy shift: Is the Phillips Curve dead? (access required)

Paul Hurley

Recently, U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) Chair Jay Powell addressed the Jackson Hole Monetary Policy Symposium and announced a major policy shift in the Fed’s approach to managing inflation. In a speech titled “Navigating the Decade Ahead,” Powell highlighted a new ...

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Growing business over a cup of coffee with ‘old’ friends (access required)

Carly Layton

Years ago I managed PR for a multi-national CPG (consumer packaged goods) company. One product in my portfolio was a popular morning beverage many people take with cream and sugar. I was invited to join the team on a three-day ...

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Rochester business community must unite to address racial inequity


The death of Daniel Prude broke open deep wounds in the Rochester community. The incident itself, followed by a six-month delay in a public accounting for it, has wrought anger, division, and a lack of confidence in both government and ...

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Will we discard the Affordable Care Act during a pandemic? (access required)


Hospitals and health systems enter the fourth quarter of this indescribable year poised and ready to care for coronavirus and all other patients. They will serve their communities no matter what COVID-19 has in store for us over the next ...

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Stay the course on investment strategy, even in a narrow market (access required)

Mark Armbruster

Here’s today’s dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about: your investment portfolio is likely underperforming the market this year. Worse, you are probably lagging behind school-aged day traders on the new Robinhood trading app. Why is that? ...

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