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Schools must do better at teaching life, job skills to local students (access required)

We must also examine what habits are reinforced at home. The purpose of an education is to prepare a person for a job and a career. I dare say that we are graduating young men and women who, while possessing a great deal of innate knowledge, were never mentored on the basics of career success.

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Environmental business: Investing in what we value (access required)

Compared to many other places in the world, we have been relatively unaffected by major climate related disasters. Yes, we live in a place that is less vulnerable to some climate impacts, but we have also just been lucky.

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Allendale Columbia embraces technology in all aspects of learning (access required)

Allendale Director of Curriculum and Innovation Ann Marie Luce said Allendale Columbia’s focus on valuing problem solving and approach to teaching and learning may have lent itself well to remote learning and the eventual adoption of new technologies.

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A Guest at the Table: You can’t get this in a soundbite (access required)

Theresa Marsenburg

During the show, you get a glimpse of who Marsenburg is both professionally and personally. She talks about the working relationships at the station, the camaraderie, the fun and tom-foolery at times.

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With U.S. markets down big, it might be time to think small (access required)

The pressure may very well continue, as the Fed raises interest rates and withdraws other forms of stimulus to bring inflation under control, but one thing’s for sure – if the Golden Rule is to sell high and buy low, things are becoming much more interesting on the buy side of the equation, particularly for small-cap stocks.

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Preparing students for higher ed and beyond includes real-world skills, experiences (access required)

Adam Jay, a woodworking teacher at Hope Hall School, teaches a student the safe and proper way to use a sliding power miter saw.

The Rochester Business Journal reached out to private schools to see how they work with the greater Rochester community to ensure their students gain the skills they need when they graduate.

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