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Cheap credit bought only illusion of prosperity

In 2003, after an absence of nearly 23 years, I made a return trip to Ireland. The first time I visited the Emerald Isle, the thatched roofs dotting the rolling countryside were a quaint symbol of its status as one ...

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Meeting the challenge of a tough business climate

Uncertainty continues to cloud the economic outlook, but Russell Schwartzbeck says he is "optimistic about the future of small business in Rochester. We as a community have a lot of great things going on here." Schwartzbeck is president of the ...

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What separates entrepreneurs from economists

Do factors like marginal tax rates have any impact on economic activity? Sure. But I have a hard time thinking that's what will drive the next Steve Jobs.

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Growth of the ‘third sector’ and what it means

The question today is not whether we were better off with an economy dominated by manufacturers; it's whether we are going to capitalize fully on the assets we possess.

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Rochester and the rise of the non-profit sector

When reporter Will Astor and I sat down with Rochester General Health System president and CEO Mark Clement for this year’s RBJ 75 CEO interview, the session began with a question he posed to us: Why him? Why had we ...

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We pull together the data, leave judgments to you

When the first Rochester Business Journal schools report card appeared six years ago, it was the biggest supplement we’d ever produced. The second edition was even larger than the first. And the third year saw yet more growth: To the ...

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Let’s be honest about estate tax merits

At holiday time, what do you give to those who have everything? Washington's answer to that question was an estate tax that's even more generous.

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Outmigration is not the full story

This edition marks the debut of a new weekly page in the paper--Fast Start--devoted to rising stars in business here.

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How Rochester’s top enterprises measure up


Welcome to the second RBJ 75. Last year marked a significant new direction for this annual special section. After publishing the 20th edition of Rochester's Top 50 in 2008, we decided to reinvent the supplement by broadening it to include not just the leading private and publicly held companies but also the area's top 25 non-profit organizations.

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