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The print edition has a new look, and here’s why

Two decades ago, the Rochester Business Journal developed its first digital version of the weekly newspaper. It was fairly primitive by today’s standards, but a sign of things to come in the publishing industry. At the time, I would have ...

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What drives growth

Now in its 28th year, the Rochester Top 100 program of the Rochester Business Alliance and KPMG LLP recognizes the region’s fastest-growing privately held companies. Each year since 1988, the Top 100 has ranked these firms—all with at least $1 ...

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The real risk? Worrying about the wrong things

With all else that is going wrong in the world these days, it’s not surprising that the news out of Nepal two weeks ago received only passing notice in this country. “Freak” blizzards and avalanches wrought by remnants of Cyclone ...

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In others’ words, the tale of two remarkable lives

The Glazers left the community many things including the jobs they created and neighborhoods they helped to revitalize. But the truly lucky ones are those who were left with memories of the Glazers’ friendship.

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Now in its 26th year, the RBJ 75 evolves again

This annual publication, now 26 years old, has outlasted more than a handful of companies that appeared in the first edition. It has reached this point by doing what any business must do to survive: adapt and evolve. Here we ...

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What’s new in the 10th edition of the Report Card


RELATED CHARTS Test results for eighth-grade English, math and science (July 11, 2014) Top elementary schools (July 11, 2014) Top middle schools (July 11, 2014) Top performing school districts (July 11, 2014) Top 2013 High School Regents diploma rates (July ...

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Do you know the year’s news? Let’s find out

Some things improve with age; others just get older. To which category does the annual Rochester Business Journal news quiz belong? I'll let you decide. But either way, it's back-for the 19th time.

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A Tribute to the Top 100

How do you take the measure of the local economy? Truth be told, there’s no single way to do it. The spectrum of business activity here is too broad, too diverse.   But that doesn’t mean we lack reliable indicators ...

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RBJ 75: After 25 years, still true to our original goal

Twenty-five years ago, the first edition of this annual publication appeared. It had a different name-Rochester’s Top 50-and a number of companies found in its pages are now gone.   Yet this publication is still going, and it remains true ...

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