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Criminal Justice Data tool launches in Monroe County

Criminal Justice Data tool launches in Monroe County

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The Monroe County District Attorney’s Office, leaders from the community and Rochester-based nonprofit organization Measures for Justice (MFJ) announced that a new criminal justice data tool, called Commons, has launched in Monroe County.  

The data platform makes accurate, local criminal justice data available to the public and tracks a policy goal set by the Monroe District Attorney’s Office and community leaders. 

“Commons puts data directly into the hands of the leaders who can make change, bringing transparency and accountability to the criminal justice system,” said Amy Bach, CEO and founder of Measures for Justice. “This is an opportunity to build trust and accountability for all communities.” 

Commons is a free and public criminal justice data dashboard that allows users to:  

  • Track monthly data on how cases flow through the District Attorney’s Office.
  • Follow progress toward criminal justice goals set by community representatives and the District Attorney’s office. 
  • Observe trends across monthly and yearly measures.
  • Break down data by demographics like race and ethnicity, sex, age, etc., and 
  • share findings directly with policymakers and media. 

MFJ has been working with a Community Advisory Board to represent the voice of Monroe County’s community members. The CAB acts as an advisory body for the Commons project and participates in discussions with the District Attorney’s Office to help set data-driven goals in the context of Monroe County’s history of racial, economic and social inequity. 

Monroe County is part of a larger network of counties and cities across the country that are planning to implement Commons as a way to bring data transparency, accessibility and accountability to the local criminal justice system. 

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