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Rochester seeks court order to shut down ‘nuisance’ junkyard

Rochester seeks court order to shut down ‘nuisance’ junkyard

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The city of Rochester wants to shut down an unlicensed junkyard that for months has ignored cease and desist orders and where at least a half dozen stolen cars have been found.

In a petition filed Tuesday in state Supreme Court in Monroe County, city officials say All City Auto Parks at 19 Sunshine St., located just west of North Clinton Avenue, is a public nuisance and that the owners/operators continue to violate municipal codes.

The city is asking the court to order closure of the business for up to one year. “The city believes that clearing the property and closing it for a year will abate the nuisance,” according to the petition filed by Jessica Simon-Rutledge, counsel attorney for the city.

The filing says Corey J. Provenzano of Penfield was ordered in April to shutter operations of All City Auto Parts by June 9 but instead continues to operate business. The former business operators, Michael G. Broccolo and Kevin J. Manna, are named as co-respondents.

Broccolo and Manna operated the business with a legal license from 2003 through 2013. But they failed to receive proper licensing beginning in 2014, the petition states, and were issued citations for operating a junkyard without a license in 2015, 2018, 2019 and 2021.

Provenzano took over operations in December 2022 without a license, according to the petition. He has since been written tickets for the operating an unlicensed junkyard, as well as unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle after a stolen vehicle was found on the property.

Another stolen vehicle was located on June 14, nine days after the business was to have ceased operations, but the vehicle had already been dismantled, the petition says.

Operation of a junkyard in the city of Rochester requires a license issued by the police department, as well as a detailed log of all transactions involving all non-institutional clients.

Other properties that are part of the business at 15 Sunshine St., and 1509, 1519 and 1525 N. Clinton Ave., have multiple municipal code violations, some dating back to a fire in 2017.

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