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Rebranding provides clarity for Wilmac Technologies

Rebranding provides clarity for Wilmac Technologies

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Rochester-based Wilmac has rebranded to Wilmac Technologies to better reflect services and offerings.

In business for 66 years, Wilmac Technologies is a global provider of sales, professional services and support for the world’s most widely used communications recording and customer experience technologies. Offerings include solutions in various sectors such as cloud contact center, communications compliance and enterprise information archiving (EIA).

“One thing we’ve always struggled with as a company is clearly stating what we do and what we can offer businesses,” president and CEO Steve McDonnell said in a news release. “We’ve established ourselves as a professional services staple in the industry, and with the success of our software development with our data archiving solution, it was time to make the investment in a new website and fresh, exciting branding.”

The original Wilmac name was derived from the name of company founder William McDonnell. Adding “Technologies” to the branding provides clarity.

The new website details the firm’s areas of expertise, solutions, services and associated products. True Creative, a Rochester-based marketing agency, assisted Wilmac Technologies in creation of the new website.

“We’re in a unique position as both a professional services provider and software developer, so we want to effectively portray that in our marketing,” director of marketing Emily Miller said.

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