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WXXI brings 24/7 news to radio’s FM band

WXXI brings 24/7 news to radio’s FM band

WXXI News/NPR, for nearly 40 years a listening option on the AM radio band only, can now be heard on WXXI-FM 105.9.

WXXI has launched the full-power FM signal for 24/7 simulcasting of WXXI-AM 1370 programming. That means a stronger, more consistent signal for listeners, especially after sunset.

The 105.9 frequency had been a jazz station (WJZR) owned by Lee Rust of North Coast Radio Inc. The station signed off the air July 12, 2022, and ownership was transferred to WXXI.

“Investing in 105.9 FM will help us provide a better service to our community by reaching a broader and more diverse audience and improving our services,” WXXI president Norm Silverstein said in a news release.

“With the AM frequency, the FCC requires us to pull back our signal at sundown, which cuts service to a large portion of our broadcast region. With WXXI News now on the FM dial we will be able to provide a superior listening experience.”

Another WXXI-owned frequency, WRUR-FM 88.5, will continue to carry NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered, as well as Connections with Evan Dawson, but there will be the opportunity for increased music programming, the company said.

WXXI-FM had been the assigned call letters for another WXXI affiliate frequency, WXXI- Classical 91.5. The new call letters for 91.5 are WXXO-FM, which will continue to play classical music.

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