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Louis Alaimo

Louis Alaimo

Regional VP/Corporate Manager, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services

Years in current role: 2

What are the biggest challenges you see in your industry currently?

The biggest challenge in our industry is the lack of inventory. Agents need homes to sell. Buyers are excited about home ownership, and they are limited to the selection of homes available. We have great agents in our marketplace who are doing all the right things to get their buyers ready to purchase. We just need homes to sell. As agents become more aggressive with the lack of inventory, current sellers are prospering financially. As we have seen in many transactions the price of homes is now being driven up to a point of no return. Simply, it’s supply and demand. In my opinion in Rochester we have not seen appreciation of this magnitude in decades. It’s a good thing, but it puts some buyers in disbelief and also creates some hesitation with them.

What do you think are the biggest real estate and construction needs in Rochester?

Simply put we need more homes to sell. Not only existing homes but new home construction as well. We need more new single-family homes, townhouses and apartment developments. We need to construct senior living communities as well. We need these developments in every township including the city. More options create sellers to be motivated to purchase. I have been in and around new home construction my whole career and I can say it’s a great way to move things forward. We need to find more of the workforce to complement the industry. It’s out there, we just need to do a better job finding it.

What are the most common concerns you hear from clients?

The biggest concern from most everyone I speak with is: I would love to sell my home for more money but where do I go!? Why do I have to pay more for my new home? It is very simple but complicated at the same time. To be in any market buying and selling you have to absorb the mind of the market you’re in, and right now it is harder for some than others to absorb. Supply is down and demand is high so it’s creating a challenging market, the mindset should be SELL! Sell now and we will help you find what you need. It’s what we do as an industry, trust us!

What is one thing you would change about Rochester if you could?

I can really and truly say I would not change a thing about Rochester. It is an affordable place to live, work and enjoy life. We have wonderful townships in all directions around our city. It has always been for me a place to call my home and it would be hard to live anywhere else. Family is an important part of my life and being surrounded by them is a plus. The ability to travel 15 minutes in any direction has its benefits, compared to other states. We have so many close-knit communities with good neighbors around us. OK, maybe a little more sunshine!

How do you manage work/life balance?

This has always been a challenge for most agents in the industry. Being an independent contractor has its way of getting the best of you. The phone rings and you run. Scheduling your time is something that has to be prioritized; I think it starts with a great supporting cast. For me I have a very supportive wife so planning ahead is something we talk about daily. She is a big help with prioritizing life for us and I focus on the work part. It truly is a balance when both are on the same team. At Howard Hanna our model is Team Work makes the Dream Work!

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