Paychex Charitable Foundation donates $1 million to Mental Health America

Paychex Charitable Foundation donates $1 million to Mental Health America

Paychex Inc. announced that its Paychex Charitable Foundation is donating $1 million to Mental Health America to support the organization’s work raising awareness about the importance of prioritizing mental health care. 

The grant, which allocates $250,000 annually over the next four years, focuses on improving access to mental health education and resources in the company’s key markets across the U.S. 

“As a national leader in HR, payroll and benefits, Paychex has unique insight into the challenges facing American businesses and workers,” said John Gibson, Paychex president and CEO, adding that company uses those insights to direct funding through its charitable foundation where it sees the greatest need. “Over the last couple of years, we have seen the impact of the mental health crisis on how businesses operate and take care of their employees. We’re proud to partner with Mental Health America, an organization at the forefront of mental health awareness, education, and providing resources to communities around the country.” 

In 2022, the Paychex Charitable Foundation introduced an annual multimillion-dollar commitment and strategic giving framework to dramatically increase its financial support of nonprofit organizations that align with the company’s mission.  

Under the strategic framework, the Paychex Charitable Foundation will focus major gifts on four critical areas of well-being: mental health, physical health, financial health and professional skills development. 

The four-year grant to MHA is the first awarded under this program. The organization promotes mental health as a critical part of overall wellness, including prevention services, early identification and intervention for those at risk. The organization has over 140 affiliates nationwide, each working to integrate care, services and support for those in need.  

Schroeder Stribling, president and CEO of Mental Health America, said the donation will allow MHA to educate thousands of people about the critical importance of overall well-being and will increase public access to vital mental health resources. 

We are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis in the U.S. and now is the time to invest in the next generation of mental health support,” Stribling said. “We are thrilled to see Paychex recognize this crucial moment and honored to be the first grant recipients under this program.”
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