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New scholarship at Nazareth covers at least half of student’s tuition  

New scholarship at Nazareth covers at least half of student’s tuition  

Nazareth recently announced it is now offering 15 Bonner Leader scholarships per year, which include a minimum 50 percent tuition four-year scholarship, leadership training and paid community engagement opportunities for students starting their studies beginning this fall.  

Nazareth is the only New York state higher education institution west of Albany offering the Bonner Leader program and is one of only 75 Bonner Leader institutions nationwide, conducted in partnership with the Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation. 

Bonner Leader programs typically attract students who, even in high school, have shown leadership qualities and an interest in social justice, community collaboration and being changemakers in their community.  

“Nazareth attracts students who want to be part of a community that creates a more just, healthy and equitable future,” said Beth Paul, Nazareth president. “The Bonner Leader program is the perfect way for students to develop leadership and changemaking skills around the social issues that they’re passionate about, in collaboration with expert community partners and at a university that appreciates and wants to grow that passion.” 

Applications for the Bonner Leader program will be accepted after Feb. 1, but the application window for Bonner Leader will close once all scholarship slots have been filled. 

Go to to apply for the scholarship.  

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