Quicklee’s now open on Culver Road

Quicklee’s now open on Culver Road

Quicklee’s Convenience Stores has christened its newest location, at 2590 Culver Rd. in Irondequoit. (Photo provided)

Quicklee’s Convenience Stores’ new build on Culver Road near Route 104 in Irondequoit is now open, the milestone 30th location for the Avon-based company.

Located at 2590 Culver Rd., the store will be open 24/7 and features touch-screen display fuel pumps, two car wash bays, and indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Food partners at the Culver Road store are Mozzeroni’s pizza and Tim Horton’s. The Tim Horton’s is expected to open in early December.

“People like to say there are other convenience store options nearby, but this is an incredibly busy area, and those places aren’t always convenient for everyone to access,” Ken Perelli, Quicklee’s vice president, and chief operating officer. “We worked closely with the community to make this store easily accessible, we planned for plenty of parking, and we partnered with Mozzeroni’s and Tim Horton’s so customers have great food options to choose from all day long.”

Quicklee’s has expanded rapidly through both new developments and the purchase and repurposing of existing service stations (such as Hudson & Titus Mobil in Irondequoit and the Mobil station at 575 Winton Rd. in Rochester).

The Culver Road store has been in the works for more than two years.

“We want our customers to feel like this is their store,” Quicklee’s general manager Brian Mongi said. “We want there to be a sense of pride when a person shops here. This is a great area and a great area deserves a great store.”

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