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RIT to offer new Ph.D. programs next fall  

RIT to offer new Ph.D. programs next fall  

Rochester Institute of Technology will offer two new Ph.D. programs starting with the fall 2023 semester – each with historical academic significance for the university. 

  • Saunders College of Business will offer a Ph.D. in business administration, marking the university’s inaugural social sciences doctoral program. 
  • The College of Liberal Arts will introduce a new doctoral degree in cognitive science—the first-ever Ph.D. program to be housed in the Department of Psychology. This is a joint program with four other colleges at RIT. 
Beginning in the fall of 2023, Saunders College of Business will offer a Ph.D. in business administration. (Photo credit: Elizabeth Lamark)

Shal Khazanchi, associate dean for research and graduate programs, Ph.D. program director and professor of management at Saunders, said the new Saunders doctoral program will educate the next generation of scholars. 

“Unlike traditional Ph.D. programs in business administration, our program has sharp emphasis on the effect of technological innovations on key business functions like the marketing of products and services, strategic management of innovation and finance and accounting practices,” she said. “Given that technological innovations now dominate the knowledge economy, scholars in business need to merge in-depth disciplinary knowledge with an understanding of the impact created by technological change and vice versa.” 

Khazanchi noted that the program is designed to inspire and train scholars to identify, investigate and solve unique business challenges that influence business and society, particularly those that are triggered by technological changes.  

The new doctoral program also will offer students an apprenticeship model working with faculty on research projects that address novel business challenges and faculty research programs.  

RIT’s strategic plan calls for adding six to 12 new Ph.D. programs and conferring 50 doctoral degrees every year by 2025. The university has already reached the latter goal with 51 Ph.D. degrees conferred in the 2020-2021 academic year. A Ph.D. in physics is next in line. 

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