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Martin Mucci

Chairman & CEO, Paychex, Inc.

Years in current role: 11 years as CEO; Chairman role since December 2021

What was your biggest success in 2021?

The continued evolution of Paychex as an HR solutions technology, software and services company, providing outstanding support to our clients through the COVID-19 environment, one of the most challenging times for businesses in our history. Our employees, while facing their own challenges in this environment, stayed focused on our clients, their colleagues and our community’s needs while helping the company reach record breaking financial performance for our shareholders.

What are your expectations for 2022?

Continued growth for Paychex with software products and leading-edge technology to enhance the value we bring our clients including supporting their need for more data analytics to retain employees, technology to hire new employees in a challenging environment and tools to help their businesses to be more efficient and productive.

What is your biggest takeaway from dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic?

The impressive resiliency of our employees. Learning to work from home and find new ways to sell our products, service our clients and continue mentoring and developing their colleagues while dealing with their own individual situations. The flexibility that was needed in the workplace by our team has now become permanent and new ways to hire, train and develop employees and support their career development have become the standard. It’s been remarkable how quickly these changes happened and became successful.

What is your favorite thing about the Rochester community?

The way the business community comes together in times of need to overcome a challenge. The current work of ROC 2025 is a prime example of business community and government forces working together to enhance the Greater Rochester Community for a successful future. In addition, the flexibility of the United Way and other non-profit agencies to find new ways to support those in need in our community without a prior roadmap during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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