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Orolia acquires Spanish firm

Orolia acquires Spanish firm

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Rochester’s Orolia, a leader in resilient positioning, navigation and timing solutions, has acquired Seven Solutions, a global innovator in White Rabbit sub-nanosecond time transfer and synchronization technology. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

White Rabbit technology is an extension of Ethernet developed at CERN.

The merger with Seven Solutions, based in Granada, Spain, will enhance Orolia’s portfolio for defense, aerospace, data centers, telecom, financial services, smart grids and other critical infrastructure industries and will enable the next generation applications dependent on ultra-precise, resilient timing and frequency technology.

“Orolia and Seven Solutions under one umbrella will combine our world-leading technologies to draw a new frontier in network timing to sub-nanosecond levels, delivering the most robust and accurate resilient PNT solutions for our customers,” said Orolia CEO Jean-Yves Courtois in a statement. “Seven Solutions’ long history of delivering cutting-edge time distribution solutions to sectors like telecommunications, smart-grid, aerospace, defense and scientific facilities aligns perfectly with Orolia’s DNA. It will add to the list of industry-first capabilities that Orolia regularly brings to market to unlock new possibilities for our customers, including to further protect their critical applications against threats, disruption, manipulation of PNT services, such as GPS/GNSS jamming, spoofing and outages.”

The two companies will integrate global sales, marketing, product development and operations.

“We believe the union of our companies will produce the future of time transfer and frequency distribution solutions in terms of accuracy, reliability and interoperability,” said Seven Solutions co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Rafael Rodriguez. “Finance, 5G telecommunications, data centers and hyperscalers have new and upgraded functionalities requiring ultra-accurate time distribution accuracy. To maximize interoperability, our solution for time transfer is based on the White Rabbit concept that has been pushed over the last decade to become the basis of the standard high accuracy time transfer profile.”

Both companies are members of the Open PNT Industry Alliance, an international organization that focuses on market concepts that strengthen economic and national security by supporting government efforts to implement resilient PNT capabilities for critical infrastructure.

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