Boat launch work begins in Orleans County

Boat launch work begins in Orleans County

The New York Department of State has begun construction on a $627,000 resiliency project awarded to Orleans County through the state’s Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI). The money will fund work on the Point Breeze Boat Launch near the mouth of Oak Orchard Creek, within Oak Orchard Harbor, in the town of Carlton.

During the flooding of 2019, the boat ramp became submerged, preventing access to the floating docks and forcing the boat launch to be closed. The project seeks to alleviate future flooding of the Point Breeze Boat Launch, ensuring recreational boaters have continued access to the dock system, the boat launch ramps and to local businesses and popular tourist attractions.

The boat launch, which was open to the public this season, is now closed for construction and will reopen in the spring of 2022.

“The Point Breeze Boat Launch provides a gateway to Oak Orchard Creek and Lake Ontario for economic, recreational and tourist activities. During the Lake Ontario high water events of 2017 and 2019 the Point Breeze Boat Launch became partially submerged resulting in limited access to safely launch boats,” said Orleans County Legislature Chairman Lynn Johnson. “Thanks to the efforts of the REDI Commission, we can fortify a very important piece of county infrastructure and sustain long-term use. These improvements will make our infrastructure more resilient to future high-water events while improving our ability to support economic and recreational activities.”

Resiliency measures to be implemented in this project include the installation of a new boat ramp and abutment above high water level; sloping of the roadway to the new boat ramp; and regrading the remaining portion of the roadway.

“When the Point Breeze Boat Launch is forced to be closed during high water events, the businesses that call Oak Orchard Harbor home pay the price. The work that is being undertaken will support our local businesses by ensuring that the launch remains open and accessible to both residents and visitors of Carlton,” said town of Carlton Supervisor Gayle Ashbery. “REDI continues to show the positive path that can be taken when state and local governments work in tandem.”

In response to the extended pattern of flooding along the shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, the REDI Commission was formed and allocated $20 million for homeowner assistance, $30 million to improve the resiliency of businesses, and $15 million toward a regional dredging effort that will benefit each of the eight counties in the REDI regions. The remaining $235 million has been allocated towards local and regional projects that advance and exemplify the REDI mission.

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