L3Harris awarded Marines radio order

L3Harris awarded Marines radio order

L3Harris Technologies' AN/PRC-165 Handheld-Video Data Link tactical radio (provided)
L3Harris Technologies’ AN/PRC-165 Handheld-Video Data Link tactical radio (provided)

The U.S. Marine Corps has awarded L3Harris Technologies Inc. a full-rate production delivery order for its AN/PRC-165 Handheld-Video Data Link tactical radios that will enhance warfighters’ situational awareness and battlefield connectivity. The radios will be built in Rochester.

The L3Harris Falcon IV AN/PRC-165 is a software-defined radio that securely transmits and receives full-motion video and data with multiple manned and unmanned airborne and ground assets, improving the warfighter’s ability to conduct close air support as well as command and control.

“The AN/PRC-165 provides Marines on the ground with full-motion ISR video and data in a secure, resilient, low-SWaP (size, weight and power) transceiver, with full frequency support and modernized Type 1 encryption enabling secure capabilities with the most advanced algorithms,” said Bryant Henson, president, Tactical Communications at L3Harris. “As we move to the future the AN/PRC-165 and all of our Falcon IV SDR products allow for seamless feature and capability upgrades that will support current and next-generation resilient waveforms.”

The AN/PRC-165 leverages L3Harris’ intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance infrastructure, and delivers full compatibility with all existing CDL-based airborne products as well as its globally recognized ROVER product line. Additional features include fully modernized Type 1 encryption that allows secure, continuous and interoperable communications while operating in contested environments.

The Marine Corps is the first branch of the U.S. military to be equipped with L3Harris’ HH-VDL. In 2018, the Air Force awarded L3Harris a five-year, $130 million contract to develop and field the radios. Delivery will begin in L3Harris’ third quarter.

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