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Eastman School launches Community Campus for students worldwide

Eastman School launches Community Campus for students worldwide

Eastman School of Music has launched Eastman Community Music School World Campus, enabling anyone the opportunity to join the school’s community, for individual lessons or classes, regardless of age or geographic location.

“The demand for top quality music education in communities around the country is far greater than the finite number of classrooms on our physical campus,” said the school’s Associate Dean and Director of the Community Music School Petar Kodzas. “Additionally, we know that many rural communities do not have access to specialized music instruction, and for other families, driving to a lesson is a challenge.”

Kodzas and his staff for some time have received numerous requests for lessons or classes from parents who wanted to have their students study through the Eastman School of Music. Similarly, many high-school-age students who had moved on to college or relocated wanted to continue their instrumental and vocal studies.

“We have always desired to expand our campus beyond the restrictions of our physical location. ECMS has many former teachers who have moved outside the Rochester area who are eager to continue the teaching excellence of ECMS – now in a different city, or even country,” Kodzas said. “The opportunity to offer ‘satellite’ locations and virtual lessons to any student needing positive and enriching study from an elite teacher is now at their fingertips.”

Eastman Community Music School’s teaching artists are experts in developing the skills of budding musicians who are considering a professional music career, in instructing beginning students of all ages, and in supporting adult learners. World Campus programs and lessons will be available to musicians of all ages and all skill levels.

“The Eastman Community Music School has grown tremendously over the years and is now firmly established as one of the nation’s leading pre-collegiate programs. With the technological advancements and lessons learned during the pandemic, we are well-poised to launch this special program and expand our offerings globally,” said Jamal Rossi, Joan and Martin Messinger Dean at Eastman School of Music. “The timing couldn’t be more perfect as ECMS, along with the Eastman School of Music, celebrates its centennial this year. The launch of Eastman Community Music School World Campus sets the stage for a new phase for Eastman, and the next 100 years of musical excellence.”

The three-semester-long Eastman Centennial celebration will begin in Fall 2021 and continues throughout 2022. Highlights include acclaimed guest artists performing alongside Eastman’s ensembles; national academic and music conferences; alumni events throughout the country; a television documentary produced in partnership with WXXI Public Broadcasting System; and more.

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