Statewide Manufacturing Extension Partnerships launch $1 million grant programs

Statewide Manufacturing Extension Partnerships launch $1 million grant programs

Four centers within the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) network have launched competitive grant programs that will help manufacturers solve challenges created by COVID-19.

Rochester area MEP NextCorps is working closely with the Manufacturing & Technology Enterprise Center (MTEC) to administer the Next Generation Grant Program, which focuses on helping manufacturers optimize operations for the post-pandemic era.

Combined, the four programs will award nearly $1 million to manufacturing and technology companies statewide. In addition to the MTEC-led program, New York City MEP, ITAC, will award $250,000 through the Personal Protective Equipment Fund; the Capital Region’s MEP, CEG, will award $200,000 through the Supply Chain Grant Program; and FuzeHub, the statewide MEP, will award $170,000 through the Manufacturing Reimagined Fund.

The MTEC-led program will award $350,000 in total through grants of up to $10,000 per recipient. The funds will enable manufacturers to ensure they are operating safely, effectively and efficiently in a virtual business environment.

“Some companies need help adjusting to this new way of doing business. Our goal is to get them up to speed and connect them with services they need,” said Alexis Wilson, MTEC project manager, virtual assessments & assistance.

The NY MEP is a network of 11 organizations that provide growth and innovation services to small and mid-sized manufacturers statewide to help them create and retain jobs, increase profits and save time and money. The MEPs are supported through a combination of federal and state funding.

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