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Matt Tipple

Matt Tipple

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Matt Tipple

Head of Upstate New York, J.P. Morgan Private Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

matt-tippleYears in current role: 2

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career?

It is important to stay nimble, keep learning and growing, and to work hard. Those who have a genuine passion for their work, an open mind for improvement and a strong work ethic seem to always do well. Also, it is more fun when you don’t take things too seriously.

What’s been your biggest success?

My family. There are plenty of proud moments from a work perspective, and I am grateful for all of the opportunities that I have had, but when I think about my biggest success, it’s my family and the relationships that I have with those I am close to.

Who have been the biggest mentors in your career?

In the beginning of my career I worked at a boutique financial services start-up. The founder, Ty Danco, then taught me the importance of having a vision and pursuing it — and that anything is possible. I carry that optimism with me to this day. Now, I consider my colleague Bob McArdle a valued mentor. Bob runs our commercial banking business in Western New York. There isn’t a better person to work with. Bob exemplifies integrity, hard work and expertise, and always performs at the highest level.

What are your hopes for the Rochester community this year?

I’m sure that I am not alone when I say I’m hoping for a return to some sense of normalcy for school and business. There is so much opportunity in Rochester. I’d like to see the community collaborate and unite to find long-term sustainable solutions to our challenges. I think there is an opportunity to create a more inclusive local economy that works for everyone, and to foster growth in industries like technology for years to come.

What do you do to unplug in your free time?

I enjoy getting outdoors and hiking or just having fun with my family. We love the Adirondacks and try and spend as much time there as we can.

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