Adam Bello

Adam Bello

Power 100 list

Adam Bello

County Executive, Monroe County


Years in current role: 1

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career?

You can’t be afraid to take risks and step outside your comfort zone. Sometimes you have to fail forward. And if you’re doing the right thing for the right reasons, you have an obligation to try. You have to try, whether or not you’re going to get criticized for it. It’s always better to be criticized for trying to do too much rather than for doing too little.

What are your hopes for the Rochester community this year?

There’s been a lot of conflict in our community this year, across the board, in politics, health, equity, all aspects of life. And these conflicts all seem to center on something that we all agree is a problem, but we have this conflict about how we are or are not addressing the problem. My hope is that in the coming year, we can set our differences aside and work together to accomplish what we need to in order to solve our problems and move forward.

What do you do to unplug in your free time?

I hang out with my family. When I’m not working, I’m almost always doing something with my wife, Meghan, or our two kids. We watch movies and we love game nights, and especially like to play Clue, Yahtzee and Scrabble. We play a lot of Scrabble. I take the kids to swim practice. And I love to cook. So I’ll take my iPad into the kitchen, put on reruns of The West Wing up on the counter and cook.

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