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Chamber to give away donated masks

Giveaway to help companies comply with order for essential workers to wear masks

In response to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive order requiring essential, public-facing workers to wear masks, the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce will give away FDA-approved surgical masks to member organizations on Wednesday.

Cuomo’s executive order, which goes into effect at 8 p.m. Wednesday, says: “For all essential businesses or entities, any employees who are present in the workplace shall be provided and shall wear face coverings when in direct contact with customers or members of the public. Businesses must provide, at their expense, such face coverings for their employees. This provision may be enforced by local governments or local law enforcement as if it were an order pursuant to section 12 or 12-b of the Public Health Law.”

CloudCheckr founder Aaron Newman, a member of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce’s board, has donated the masks that the chamber will give away.

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce members can pick up 20 masks for essential, public-facing employees between 10 a.m. and noon Wednesday at 150 State St. Masks will be supplied on a first-come, first-served basis until they run out. To pick up the masks, park in the chamber’s parking lot off Andrew Street, remain in your vehicle and text Marc Cohen at (716) 352-2722.

If your company needs more than 20 masks, Product Source Group has a supply of masks for purchase at 59 cents each. Click here to send an email for more information.


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