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Sage Rutty president receives Volunteer of the Year award

Sage Rutty and Co. Inc. President and Chairman Wayne Holly has been named the 2019 Invest in Others Volunteer of the Year at the 13th annual Invest in others Awards gala in Boston. Holly earned the honor for his charitable work with Bivona Child Advocacy Center, which received a $45,000 donation from the Invest in Others Charitable Foundation as a result.

Wayne and Judy Holly (Photo provided)

Wayne and Judy Holly (Photo provided)

The Invest in Others program recognizes the charitable work of financial advisers in communities nationwide and around the globe. The Volunteer of the Year Award is presented annually to a financial adviser who has made a significant impact on a nonprofit as a volunteer of at least three years by working hands-on and giving of their time, talent and energy to make a lasting impact on the organization.

“I get back so much more than I give,” Holly said in a statement. “In the six years I’ve been volunteering with Bivona Child Advocacy, it’s been a privilege to see how the work done by this small group of people makes such an impact on the lives of vulnerable children in our community. Being able to witness this type of healing firsthand is truly inspiring.”

Holly and his wife Judy have opened their home to more than 54 foster children over the last two decades, witnessing the devastation that physical and sexual abuse can cause to children and families.

Bivona provides a safe, welcoming space where children who have endured trauma can begin to heal. The organization brings together multidisciplinary teams to deliver critical services in child abuse response, prevention and healing through collaborative services, awareness, education and leadership.

Holly serves as chairman of Bivona’s board and supports the nonprofit as an active fundraiser by securing significant, multi-year pledges. He also volunteers his time working directly with families each month.

“We are so fortunate to have Wayne as a supporter of Bivona,” said Executive Director Deb Rosen. “Not only is he an incredibly effective and knowledgeable board chair, his passion for the work we do is palpable in everything he does to support our mission.”

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