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Tips to prevent watering hole attacks

Sitima Fowler (provided photo)

Sitima Fowler (provided photo)

Hackers are getting creative, which means the onus is on us ladies to take steps to protect ourselves. Watering hole attacks are used to distribute malware onto victims’ computers.  Cybercriminals infect popular websites with malware, and anyone who visits the site also gets infected.  The malware used in these attacks collects your personal information and sends it back to the hacker’s server.

You can protect yourself by following these tips:

Update your software:  Watering hole attacks often exploit holes to infiltrate your computer, so by updating your software and browsers regularly, you can reduce the risk of an attack. Capstone IT automatically applies these critical security patches to our client’s computer, so they have don’t have to worry.

Watch your network closely:  Conduct security checks to detect watering hole attacks. For example, intrusion prevention systems allow you to detect suspicious network activities and bandwidth management software can detect large file transfers.

Hide your online activities:  Cybercriminals can create more effective watering hole attacks if they compromise websites you visit the most. As such, you should hide your online activities with a VPN and your browser’s private browsing feature.

At the end of the day, the best protection is staying informed.  Join #GetCyberChic on LinkedIn where we are bringing women into the conversation of staying safe online.

Sitima Fowler is partner and general manager of Capstone IT.



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