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UR wins major grant for quantum research

UR wins major grant for quantum research

The University of Rochester will receive $1.55 million in funding from the National Science Foundation to support research in quantum computing.

U.S. senators Charles E. Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand announced the award Thursday.

They said the funding will help researchers investigate ways to work with and stabilize quantum particles known as qubits and produce educational materials and classes on quantum computing for students in high school through graduate school.

“This federal investment will allow the University of Rochester—one of the world’s leading research universities and a hub of scientific innovation—to become even more of a leader in the burgeoning field of quantum computing that’s brimming with job-creating potential,” Schumer said.

Gillibrand added, “By studying how quantum particles work, this research could change the way we work with computers; and by ensuring that students have access to this research, the university is preparing the future of New York’s scientific workforce.

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