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Online course helps mitigate food-borne illnesses at farm stands

Online course helps mitigate food-borne illnesses at farm stands

 An online course is available for operators of farm market stands, focusing on safe food handling procedures.

The “Farmers Market Food Safety” course is offered by Penn State Extension, aiming to reduce risks of foodborne illnesses that can come up with when food exchanges hands in open-air situations, whether it’s prepared and sold or given away as a free sample.

Penn State developed the course after a five-year study pointed to the need for food safety instruction at farm markets.

“Just one unfortunate incident can damage your reputation, your business, and worst of all, the health of your customers,” said Martin Bucknavage of Penn State Extension, who helped develop the course.

Students will learn in the four-hour course about equipment for food safety; sourcing ingredients; food handling and preparation; record-keeping; traceability and liability. Participants will have access to checklists and summaries on controlling risk that they can print out.

The course costs $39 and registration is online.


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