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Grubhub finds vegans plentiful in Rochester

Grubhub finds vegans plentiful in Rochester

Who knew Rochester was a haven for vegans?

Grubhub did, that’s who, and they’re sharing their data in a “State of the Plate” report.

The online food ordering and delivery service has analyzed usage trends from the first five months of 2019 and found that Rochester placed in the top eight cities for ordering vegan food. Rochester landed at No. 5, below Las Vegas and above Philadelphia. One and two – it won’t surprise anyone – were Los Angeles and Brooklyn.

Statistics were compiled using order volume, overall number of vegan items available on Grubhub, number of vegan restaurants in the city, and ratings. Grubhub is available in 2200 cities across the country. Compared to a similar period in 2018, vegan orders increased by 25 percent, according to Grubhub, and orders for the Impossible Burger alone – it’s a plant-based product that tastes amazingly similar to a burger made from beef.

Vegan or vegetarian items also showed up among trending foods Grubhub captured, such as spicy potato taco, mushroom stroganoff, cauliflower bites, and quinoa in several forms. Regional breakdowns show the Impossible Burger is one of the fasted-growing menu items in the the Midwest and West. A harvest bowl was the top item in the Northeast.

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