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 50 Artists 50 Years

art2Rochester Institute of Technology continues its 50th anniversary celebration with 50 Artists 50 Years.

This exhibit is hosted by RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf, the world’s first and largest technological college for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The exhibition features over 100 pieces of art from 50 alumni artists. Visitors can appreciate various media including painting, photography, mixed media, wood, textile, watercolors and more.

Well-known artists’ works from people like the late Chuck Baird are on display in the exhibit, located in the Joseph F. and Helen C. Dyer Arts Center. Local artists like Laural Hartman are also on view.

In addition to “50 Artists 50 Years,” there is also an NTID’s History exhibit in the Milton H. and Ray B. Ohringher Gallery. This display features a variety of memorabilia highlighting the contributions made by RIT and NTID alumni, faculty, staff and students.

Deaf artist Susan Dupor created a three-paneled triptych piece titled “Together,” which can be seen in the History exhibit.

“‘Together’ honors the people of our past who have aspired to create a better future for us,” says Dupor. “We now take the time to look back and give appreciation and gratitude for their efforts.”

“Together” depicts 50 people gathered on the Frisina Quad, a central location to NTID. Surrounded by various other important buildings on the campus, the figures from five decades are juxtaposed by a color scheme and fashion trends of their era.

“NTID is a palette of people from all walks of life, which makes it an extraordinarily global community,” says Dupor. “Figures are conversing in sign language; each signed word has a special connection and meaning representing NTID. The figures symbolize everyday people who elicit long-lost memories of people we have known in the past who have been buried in the deepest recesses of our minds.”

The exhibition will run through Oct. 20, with an artists’ reception at 4 p.m. on Oct. 19. rit.edu

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